Eco friendly driving tips for Kiwis this winter

A few helpful tips to reduce your fuel bill.

With New Zealand fuel prices hitting record highs, there are some simple things that you can start doing today to help save money at the fuel pump, while also becoming a greener driver.

Internationally, Kia is making a big effort to develop eco-friendly vehicles to help offset their environmental impact.  We've created some practical tips on how to drive more efficiently and reduce your carbon footprint - even if you don't have a hybrid vehicle. 

> Weight 

Many of us have lots of items in our cars that we don’t need for our everyday commutes. Reducing weight can significantly cut down on fuel consumption, so now is a good time to lighten your load and clear out your storage compartments.

> Keep your load down

Take down roof racks/boxes and bike racks when you’re not using them. These large items create wind resistance which increases fuel consumption.

>Tyre Pressure

Regularly checking your tire pressure, especially before a long journey is a great habit to develop. Did you know that for every 6psi a tire is deflated below its stated pressure, fuel consumption increases by 1%. To find out how much air should be in your tires, check your owners' manual, or the inside of the driver's door (where the latch is).

> Limit air-conditioning

Air-conditioning can increase your fuel consumption by up to 10%. Try to limit your use and avoid having it as a default setting.

>Switch off the engine

If you’re in a traffic jam where you will be stationary for more than two minutes then turn your engine off. Avoid parking for long periods with your engine idling and try to avoid driving in peak traffic when you can.

> Harsh acceleration and braking

Speeding, breaking and then accelerating can increase your fuel consumption by up to 30%. Try to accelerate smoothly and slowly and maintain a consistent speed. On the open road, cruise control may help. 

> Control your speed

Did you know that travelling at less than 24 km/h creates the most pollution? Your level of pollution decreases as your speed increases up to 96 km/h, but travelling over this limit will start increasing your pollution levels again.

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